Amphibious AT-802F Scooping Single Engine Air Tanker

Fire Boss Announces Refreshed Branding

March 31, 2022, Fire Boss announced a refreshed branding to its iconic Fire Boss brand.  “As it approaches the 20th anniversary of its first delivery, we determined now is the time to launch a new look.  With over 145 aircraft in operation, worldwide, I asked our Marketing team to refresh the branding, bringing a tactical look expressing the capabilities of the Fire Boss”, said Chuck Wiplinger, President and CEO of both Fire Boss LLC  and Wipaire Inc.  “The aggressive font combined with the image of a Fire Boss in action allows our expanding market to instantly recognize the capability of the aircraft”.

Fire Boss Facts

  • 145 + Fire Boss operating in 15+ countries and four continents
  • Installed exclusively on the Air Tractor 802F
  • Uses Wipline 10000 amphibious floats made in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
  • Dispatched in as little as 5 minutes
  • Drops up to 800 gallons of water per sortie
  • It can stay and fight for over 3 hours