An Introduction to Rapid Response Aerial Firefighting with the Fire Boss

Rapid initial attack on fires is changing the way wildfires are fought. With less than 5 minute response time, the Fire Boss gets there first and is able to stay and fight for over 3 hours. Dropping up to 14,000 gallons per hour, per plane. No one else in the industry has the capability of a Fire Boss.


Fire Spotters & Citizens Watch for Smoke & Report to Authorities


Initial Attack Aerial FireFighters Are Deployed

Rapid Initial Attack

Pre-Position in High Risk Areas with Minimal Infrastructure

Depart in as Little as 5 Minutes & Arrive Loaded with Retardant

Extinguish Small Fires Early
Sustained Attack

Work Together for Greater Coverage

Scoop & Drop for Over 3 Hours Before Refueling

A Fleet of 3 Delivers 42k USG/Hour

Ground Support

Flies Low & Slow to Accurately Drop Close to Ground Crews

Refill From Nearby Water to provide ongoing support