Firefighting’s Most Economic Solution!

When it’s your time to put out the fire, the Fire Boss is the aircraft you’ll want to do the job. Built from an 802 Air Tractor, the Fire Boss is an initial attack fire suppression aircraft with scooping capability. It compliments any aerial fleet as a traditional air tanker carrying retardant. However, the unique aspect of the aircraft is that it can scoop water from nearby lakes and rivers.

The Fire Boss is the most economic solution with low operating and acquisition costs, outstanding dispatch reliability and amazing versatility.

The aircraft is created by Wipaire, Inc., who has been designing aircraft floats for over 50 years. The company’s expertise has generated products used worldwide. Through innovative product development, Wipaire created Fire Boss, LLC to ensure that the rigorous quality and service needs of the fire fighting industry are attended to with the highest priority.

Engineering the Future of Aerial Firefighting!

Built from the popular Wipline 13000 Twin Otter float platform, the Wipline 10000 has proven reliable systems and designs.

The superior dispatch reliability of the Fire Boss's turbine engine cuts the fire response time to minutes.

The scoop control panel is conveniently located so pilot's attention is maintained at windscreen level. It provides information for angle of attack, foam transfer system, auto-bilge and water-warning system, TOT/torque gauges and aural/visual overpower warning system, auto-fill probe retraction system and probe position indicators.

Exclusive Wipaire high-efficiency probes are designed to be deployed at flight speeds. They also boast simplicity, minimal drag and are easily changed or repaired.

Optional foam tanks in each float give an additional 70 gallons of fire-suppression product to the plane's system. The tank slips out for easy access to internal float components.

Water handling is similar to any conventional seaplane, easily mastered by the average seaplane pilot.